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At was destined
to bear far-reaching fruit. The two men were both reserved in demeanor,
but in a different sort of way.
Kitchener was taciturn and often inclined to growl. Haig was a man of

few words and no intimates, but greeted all with a pleasant smile. To
this young Scotsman Kitchener unbent more than was his wont, and was
actually seen shaking hands with him, at parting, on a later occasion;
which all goes to show that even commanding officers can be human. On
the march into the Soudan, Kitchener was
in command of the Egyptian Cavalry also. The
Khedive was exceedingly anxious that the rebellion be crushed speedily,
and had made Kitchener the "sirdar." One of the first actions in this
campaign was the Battle of Gemaizeh. Three brigades were sent to storm
the forts held by the dervishes, and a heavy and sustained fire from
three sides soon drove the enemy out in disorder. Some 500 dervishes
were slain, and
the remainder numbering several thousand fled across
the desert toward Handub--closely pursued

by the British Hussars and the Egyptian cavalry. This was only the first
of many such actions. Further
and further south the rebels were driven. Kitchener pushed a light
railroad across the desert as he advanced, so that he would
not suffer from the same mistake which
had ended Gordon
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