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She had gone. I've since been knocking about, unable to get any work,
for no one will engage me without a character, as they guess that I'm a
runaway, and take me for a young thief. I've sold my clothes and
everything I had for food, and have got only these rags to cover me." I
knew that what Dick said was true. I asked him if he still wished to be
a sailor, or would rather go up the country and seek for employment,
which I was sure he would be able to obtain with my brother's
recommendation. "I would rather be a sailor than anything else, if I
could serve under a good captain," he answered. "Well, then, stop a
moment, and I'll speak to my brother," I said; and I ran after Harry. I
told him in a few words about Dick. "Well, he may come with us," he
said. "But he must try to make himself useful, and not fancy that he is
a young gentleman to do what he likes." I ran back to Dick. The poor
fellow was delighted, and burst into tears. "I own, Ned, I've had
nothing to eat all day in this land of plenty, for I could not bring
myself to beg, and nobody offered me anything," he exclaimed, scarcely
able for shame to get out his words. I fortunately had a shilling in my
pocket. "Here, Dick, go and get something to eat," I said, giving it to
him. I thought that he would rather have some food first, before he came
to talk with Harry. "Then come up to my brother's house--you can easily
find it--and I will speak to him in the meantime." Dick promised to
come. While we walked home I told my brother more about Dick. "It is
very clear that the first thing we must do for him is to give him an
outfit, or he'll not be presentable on board, and then I hope, from
gratitude, that he will behave well," he observed. On our way we stopped
at an outfitter's, and Harry gave an order to the storekeeper to supply
whatever I might se
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