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Y all these taken notice of by me from the genuine letter, but for fear
some future letter from the vixen should escape my hands, in which she
might refer to these names? And, if none of them were to have been found
in this that is to pass for her's, I might be routed horse and foot, as
Lord M. would phrase it in a like case. Devilish hard (and yet I may
thank myself) to be put to all this plague and trouble:--And for what
dost thou ask?--O Jack, for a triumph of more value to me beforehand
than an imperial crown!--Don't ask me the value of it a month hence. But
what indeed is an imperial crown itself when a man is used to it? Miss
Howe might well be anxious about the letter she wrote. Her sweet friend,
from what I have let pass of her's, has reason to rejoice in the thought
that it fell not into my hands. And now must all my contrivances be set
at work, to intercept the expected letter from Miss Howe:
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