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Ance. The former, by wheeling to the left and retaining several lines,
kept up the fight successfully against the enemy who came up the ravine,
but the latter was flanked and obliged to give way. De Trobriand's two
regiments in front had a most determined fight, and would not yield the
ground. When relieved by Zook's force they fell back across the
wheat-field. There Birney used them as a basis of a new line, brought up
two fresh regiments, charged through the field, and drove the enemy back
to the stone fence which bounded it. Caldwell's division of Hancock's
corps now came on to renew the contest. Caldwell formed his men with the
brigades of Cross and Kelly in front, and those of Zook and Brooke in
rear. In the advance Colonel Cross was killed, and the front line being
enfiladed in both directions, was soon so cut up that the rear line came
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