[Bdi4emc-help] AXIS 1.2rc1 released

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Mon Feb 27 04:52:35 CET 2006

I am pleased to announce the first Release Candidate version of AXIS
(1.2rc1). Compared to the last alpha release, it has several new
features and a number of bug fixes. AXIS 1.2rc1 supports emc1, bdi4emc,
and emc2, and is available in six different languages.

You can download the source code for release from the AXIS website:

The AXIS developers are eager to receive help with additional translations, as
well as updates to existing translations, success stories, or bug
reports.  Feel free to reply on this list or directly to me,
<jepler at unpythonic.net>

Jeff Epler

Changes since 1.2a2

    * The backplot colors have been improved.

    * AXIS builds properly on bdi4 machines using emc1.

    * The perspective view is correctly centered, even when a line of code is

    * The jog distance selector (continuous/0.1/etc) is sized appropriately and
      works correctly for non-english translations.

    * The layout of several other buttons is improved for non-english

    * The Brazilian Portuguese translation is now installed in the correct

    * The version of EMC2 will be displayed in the Help > About screen.

    * AXIS uses RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE in the same way as emc. Before this, AXIS
      and emc could give different results for files that depended on the startup

    * Pressing Alt-V only opens the View menu, instead of opening the menu and
      changing the selected view.

    * The Hal Configuration GUI can now be launched from the Edit menu

Changes since 1.2a1

    * A portuguese translation has been contributed by Daniel Scheeren

    * In emc2, the backplot is now colored according to the ongoing movement
      type. Rapid moves are green, straight feeds are red (as before), and arcs
      are magenta.

    * AXIS can now be built against an installed version of emc2. This can be
      autodetected, or forced with the environment variable EMC_RUN_INSTALLED.

    * AXIS can now skip installing its own version of bwidget, and use the
      system version. If your operating has an appropriate version of bwidget
      available, install it and set the environment variable USE_SYSTEM_BWIDGET
      to a non-empty value

    * There is now a debian/ directory which builds a version of AXIS to go with Chris Radek's experimental emc2 debian packages for ubuntu

    * An icon is set for AXIS using the "NET_WM_ICON" protocol.

    * Support for 'simpleinstall' has been withdrawn. This feature was created
      to support users of bdi 4.xx. Now that instructions to rebuild the version
      of emc on bdi4 are on the emc wiki, this is no longer necessary. Note: this
      does not mean we're not supporting bdi4; it means that a kludge to support
      it is no longer needed. AXIS 1.2 supports bdi4.

Changes since 1.1

    * Internationalization: AXIS can now be translated into any language
      supported by Tk.

    * All bugfixes in AXIS 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.

    * Progress bar while loading programs is improved.

    * The 'Pause' and 'Stop' menu items now work correctly, even when the
      program being run has lots of very short moves.

    * When installing AXIS, files are always overwritten (similar to setup.py
      install --force

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