[Bdi4emc-help] Re: madwifi testing

Kent A. Reed knbreed at erols.com
Sat Feb 25 17:06:38 CET 2006


At first I was excited at the prospect of madwifi being part of bdi and 
I rally wanted to do my share of testing...Alas, madwifi requires 
different chip sets than are present on any of the wifi cards available 
to me. I haven't installed a wireless card on my emc host, but, if and 
when I do, I'll probably go the chewing gum-and-bailing wire route using 
a Windows driver under NdisWrapper. It reminds me of the early days of 
running tcp/ip-over-ethernet on DOS machines, when it took a wizard (by 
default, me) to cobble together a working stack of software shims so we 
could communicate with our 10-times more expensive Unix hosts. What fun!

I hope someone with the right hardware setup is giving you feedback on 
bdi with madwifi.


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