[Bdi4emc-help] Installation Exception

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Feb 14 09:04:22 CET 2006

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 02:04, Peter Skerda wrote:
>Gene: Your email & information made my day/night as I've been working
> on the instruction you provided. So far, I've been able to download
> the BDI and would like to burn ........ :)  Anyway, was not able to
> complete the CD writing as I got an error in the writing process
> wizard that MS XP uses. Something about the CD disc may no longer be
> useable??? I wouldn't know how to react if everything would of went
> without any errors showing up.

Humph, winderz strikes again.  But before I lay the blame 100% on Bill, 
did you also grab the md5sum of that iso, and did it match when you 
checked it?  Good qwuestion but I don't know if winderz even has an 
md5sum function.  I don't have a windows machine, and never have had 

Also, and correct cd burning seems to be a mystery to M$, the .iso image 
is just that, an image of the cd, and is to be burnt as such.  If, when 
you have burnt the cd, you insert it back in the drive and mount it, or 
whatever winderz calls it, you see a single file named as the .iso, the 
the burn was in the wrong mode and you have a coaster.  You should see 
a rather large group of files and directories if the burn is correct.

In some burning softwares, the burn menu's keyword is to "burn an image" 
IIRC.  That .iso is an "image" of a real disk, filesystem and all, so 
if when you're done with the burn and you still see that image.iso on 
the resultant disk, its burnt wrong.

As its 620 some megs, the wrong mode may have added enough filesystem 
overhead to overflow a shorter disk, hence the error it reports.  I 
always buy the 700 meg cd's as that seems to stop that particular 
error.  The disk is still a coaster, but that error is gone.

If you were on a linux machine, that .iso image can be mounted and 
accessed just as if it was burnt to a disk by mounting it using the "-o 
loop" option as part of the mount command line.  I've done it, but I'd 
have to consult the manpages again now before I'd get it right.

>Will check this out further in the morning. By the time I'm able to
> get this sorted out that EMC 2 tree sounds like it may be ready to
> go. It's also encouraging to hear that you're making excellent
> progress. Thank you again for the assistance.

No problem, Peter, glad I was able to help a wee bit.

>Cordially,  Peter
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Cheers, Gene
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