[Bdi4emc-help] problem with BDI 4.3 and ppmc

beaufait at mchsi.com beaufait at mchsi.com
Wed Dec 28 06:54:34 CET 2005

We are working on a Bostimatic using the PPMC card set

We are running BDI 4.30

We have everyting connected, ran the ppmc diagnostics and everything works fine

When we run EMC 

we have all the DIO working, ESTOP, MachineON, Limits, Etc.

we have tested the encoders by moving them by hand and they work in EMC and 
display the right movements

When we try to move an axis EMC errors off with a follow error. We have checked 
and there is no voltage being sent out of the DAC card from EMC. It works fine 
with the PPMC diagnostics. Just noting with EMC.  Anyone running EMC BDI 4.3 
with PPMC. 

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