[Bdi4emc-help] BDI-4.38 suggestions

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Dec 27 17:36:08 CET 2005

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 10:22, Paul wrote:
>Hi Gene
>On Tuesday 27 December 2005 14:40, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Well, if the new emc2 version is to be transfered from a cvs repo
>> to an svn repo, then I'm in favor of enough of a svn kit to be able
>> to keep it up2date.  As to what to drop, I'm not familiar enough to
>> have any really good, this could go, ideas.  As long as apt-get is
>> there, though, much of the rest of my concerns are only an ethernet
>> cable away.  I was disappointed that vim wasn't included in 4.30,
>> but thats fixable so its just me mewling about it at the end of the
>> day.
>vim weighs in at an additional 4M (not as bad as emacs at 13.1), and
> rather than stiring up an editors war, I'd prefer to leave both of
> them out.

> For a lightweight CLI editor, you have nano, and kate 
> serves as the heavyweight GUI editor.

Kate may in some eyes be a heavyweight gui editor, but it has some 
warts I haven't found the right place to apply the acid to excise 
them.  Its used here only under duress.

> Personally, I use cedit (part 
> of midnight commander).

That too, if only the blue screen blues could be reset. It works fine, 
but its control syntax doesn't seem 'right' to a vim user, which makes 
it slower because once I remember that I'm not using vim, I have to 
re-read everything to make sure an automatic vim response didn't mung 
the file.

As for nano, I'm not fam with it at all, but may I presume there is a 
manpage for it also?  I've used pico a couple of times, once after a 
box got rootkitted (old bind vulnerability) about 6 years ago, so the 
memory is hazy at best.  The rootkitter left a copy of pico behind.

Personally, as an old amiga user, I still miss the updated ced 4.20 
thats on that old box in the basement. But thats history now.

>Debian's apt tools are part of the base system, so there is no chance
> of apt-get being thrown out.
>As for emc2 migrating to svn - It isn't going to happen any time
> soon. Sourceforge have recently started to trial subversion and do
> not plan on rolling it out across the system until March at the
> earliest. The inclusion of subversion in the BDI-4 builds is
> primarily for the people that use BDI-4 for non-EMC development..

Then that doesn't seem to be so important right now.  And when that 
time comes, just sub svn for cvs in the iso & update the docs to 
reflect the change.

>Regards, Paul.

Cheers, Gene
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