[Bdi4emc-help] BDI-4.38 suggestions

Paul bdi-emc at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 27 16:22:06 CET 2005

Hi Gene

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 14:40, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Well, if the new emc2 version is to be transfered from a cvs repo to an
> svn repo, then I'm in favor of enough of a svn kit to be able to keep
> it up2date.  As to what to drop, I'm not familiar enough to have any
> really good, this could go, ideas.  As long as apt-get is there,
> though, much of the rest of my concerns are only an ethernet cable
> away.  I was disappointed that vim wasn't included in 4.30, but thats
> fixable so its just me mewling about it at the end of the day.

vim weighs in at an additional 4M (not as bad as emacs at 13.1), and rather 
than stiring up an editors war, I'd prefer to leave both of them out. For a 
lightweight CLI editor, you have nano, and kate serves as the heavyweight GUI 
editor. Personally, I use cedit (part of midnight commander).

Debian's apt tools are part of the base system, so there is no chance of 
apt-get being thrown out.

As for emc2 migrating to svn - It isn't going to happen any time soon. 
Sourceforge have recently started to trial subversion and do not plan on 
rolling it out across the system until March at the earliest. The inclusion 
of subversion in the BDI-4 builds is primarily for the people that use BDI-4 
for non-EMC development..

Regards, Paul.

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