[Bdi4emc-help] Install Help please

Arthur Butler arthurbutler at otters.ndo.co.uk
Sat Dec 24 00:36:45 CET 2005


Thank you for working on these programs. Unfortunately I'm having 
trouble installing the BDI 4.30 version. I'm not a complete newby, have 
used Redhat, and now Debian on other PC's. I've checked the md5sum of 
the iso downloaded, and of the CD itself. I've turned "detect virus by 
trend" off in the bios, and am using LBA mode for the 40G hard drive, 
and reburnt the CDRW to a CDR just incase, all as suggested in the FAQ. 
The install starts fine, all packages are then installed, but when the 
screen saying "post install config" or something pops up it crashes. The 
PC I'm trying to install on is a 500MHz AMD K6II processor, with 128MB 
RAM. I think there was a problem with BDI on K6 processors, but think 
newer versions of BDI are OK. I'm trying to use LVM too, with my own 
partitioning scheme, based on that I've used on my desktop PC. I'm 
trying the graphical install since there's a problem with text 
installations mentioned in one of the docs. I've been testing the memory 
and hard drive incase they could be faulty, but haven't found a problem 
with 13 hours of memtest86+ and full drive scan using badblocks 
destructive test. I'm just setting an "automatic" install running incase 
that works. I like lvm though, so it'd be a shame to loose that. If I 
can get it installed I could then set up lvm on another drive and move 
the install.... I've looked at the install.log and install.log.syslog 
files by booting the PC using Knoppix, the first lists 475 packages, the 
second lists user creation commands, which I think must have failed 
since I don't have any user directories created under /home.

Well, the "automatic" install works a little better, at least it boots, 
but the user account I created doesn't exist, so I cannot do a graphical 
login-root is blocked. Logging into a command prompt I've looked again 
at the log files. install.log this time has the list of packages 
installed, then those available which weren't installed, then says:

Changing configs on 23-12-2005
User name not found - anaconda bug ?
root login not allowed by kdm


I'm wondering about trying either a minimal install with lvm, or running 
the upgrade script on the partially working version.

Anyway, I wonder if you might be able to investigate this further for 
me? I can supply any other details/files you need. I'd like to try emc 
out-and this has unfortunately been a fraustrating start!

Happy Christmas,


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