[Tree-project-organise] Minutes of Community Tree Project Meeting January 4th 2014

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Hi all
Avery did manage to contact Marion beforen he went to Portugal and I am hoping to meet her next Monday to discuss possibility of using her area as a green burial site. I'll feedback what her reaction is; I've not even seen the site yet so keeping expectations in check....or trying to.
Abbi, there's another costing the earth tonight on the detramental environmental effects of embalming. There is definitely a demand growing for a more acceptable way of dealing with our dead. The sustainability centre in East Meon sounds like the sort of model we might emulate? I think big companies are going to cash in soon on natural burial grounds and denigrate the whole thing.....
If any one is interested there's a very good guide published by ministry of justice "Natural burial grounds, Guidance for operators" which is available online. 
Sp x

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