[Solar-ovejafm] Re: Ubú: Música platense ideal para cortinas y musicalizaciones en gral.

Marcos Guglielmetti marcos at ovejafm.com
Wed Oct 22 19:50:41 CEST 2008

Hola gcebrian at editorialstalker.com.ar cebrian:
 | Hola, queríamos invitarlos a conocer la música de Ubú, dúo de
 | compositores platenses. Pueden oír/descargar los tres álbums que
 | hasta ahora hemos realizado desde nuestro blog,
 | ubumusic.blogspot.com
 | Muchas gracias por su atención, y un cordial saludo.
 | Marcela y Gabriel (Ubú)
 | 15-5247426

Gracias, ya lo veremos... así vemos de usar la música para el 


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do many great things 
and that they develop sense for justice.  That is so encouraging, 
refreshing, inspiring for 
me and I cannot see now something that will be more "important" for 
me.  I have seen a lot 
of people in misery and with injuries on their souls due to hardships 
we have had during 
the last 15 years. But, when you see joy and hope on their faces that 
is the most 

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