[Solar-ovejafm] Re: phone number for a short radio "interview"?

Marcos Guglielmetti marcos at ovejafm.com
Wed Dec 3 16:21:50 CET 2008

Hola tapsa at takaa.fi:
 | > Hi tapsa!
 | >
 | > Here we have an FM radio program, www.ovejafm.com, and we will
 | > make a program in english, just a kind of joke
 | >
 | > We would like to call you... this must be the Thursday  at 21
 | > hs Argentina, 2AM at Finland,
 | >
 | > mmmm
 | >
 | >
 | > not a good idea!
 | Hmm...
 | > Anyway, could you give us your phone number?
 | Yes, my mobile phone is: 

Ok, thanks! but I will not call if there will be 2am at Finland, you 
will be sleeping!

 | > and, do you have some nice idea like, for instance, record your
 | > voice saying something?
 | >
 | > (we could make some question by mail, and you could just record
 | > an answer)
 | Yes, that is better. Perhaps recording a video clip with my mobile
 | phone for a radio program :)

Well, that would be weird :D

Hey, I have a little and simple idea

Could you record your voice in english and finnish saying what you 
want to say? (you could send the audio in an ogg file at quality 0, 
it will be a little file)

A few ideas:

why do you use and develop free software?

why did you made suomiknoppix, and what it is?

why did you collaborated with Musix GNU/Linux?


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