[Solar-NeSLA] The most popular diet aid supplement available in the world: you've been invited

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Jue Jun 15 01:20:19 CEST 2017

In most cases, weight loss pills are made within the rules set by the FDA, but our weight loss aid product is different.
It's totally safe and causes no side-effects.
The weight reduction process is not quick and simple, our supplements are among the fastest-selling on the market.
You have probably never heard of them, because we don't do mass marketing, we don't do Twitter campaigns, our solution is only available for purchase via an invitation-only system.
You are getting this e-mail because one of your friends has sent you an invitation, that's the reason why we will mail you a 25-day supply of our weight loss medicine for $15.
The stock is limited, make sure to get there fast.
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