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In... The state of this room tells the rest." "It is no matter." The woman reviewed the ruins of her boudoir with
an apathetic glance which was, however, anything but apathetic when
she turned it back to Lanyard's face. Bending forward, she closed a hand upon his arm. Emotion troubled her accents. "My friend,
my dear friend: tell me what I can do to repay you?" "Help
me," said Lanyard simply, holding her eyes. "How
is that--help you?" "To

make my honour clear." Speaking rapidly and with
unfeigned feeling, he threw himself upon her generosity: "You know I am no more what I was once, in this Paris--when you first knew me. You know I have given up all that. For years I have fought an uphill fight to live down
that evil fame in which I once rejoiced. Now I stand accused of two crimes."
"Two!" "Two in
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