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S, designed to consummate the magnificent enterprise, initiated almost fifty years ago, in the heart
of the North American continent and complete an edifice consecrated for all
time by the loving hands of the Center of Baha'u'llah's Covenant,
constituting the foremost symbol of the Faith, and incarnating the soul of the American Baha'i Community in the Western Hemisphere, must be speedily and systematically carried out, however onerous the task may become, in consequence of the inevitable fluctuations to which the present economic conditions are subjected, in preparation for the jubilee
that must mark the completion of that holy edifice. The recent

broadening of the administrative basis
of the Faith in a land that has served, and will long remain the base of the


operations now being conducted in both hemispheres, in response to the ringing call of 'Abdu'l-Baha, sounded three decades ago in His historic

Tablets, must, no matter how

arduous and insistent the tasks to be performed in Latin America

and Europe, be fully maintained, and the process continually enlarged
and steadily consolidated.
The various agencies designed to carry the Message to the masses, and to present to them befittingly the teachings of
its Author, must, likewise, be vigilantly
preserved, supported and encouraged. The essential preliminaries, calculated to widen the basis of the forthcoming Latin American national Baha'i assemblies, to familiarize the Latin American believers with the administrative
duties and functions they will be called upon to discharge and to enrich and deepen their knowle
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