[Solar-accesible] Weekend report, Holiday edition

f.mishriki at scott-sports.com f.mishriki at scott-sports.com
Sat Nov 24 16:42:02 CET 2007

E tg u Continues Heavy Trading As Market Makers Try To Grab Control

The top five reasons to Grab e t G u:

1. Energy problems are a Global issue
2. Rising energy bills are forcing companies to find their own solutions
to the problem.
3. With results as high as 30% savings in energy bills, SensorStat is a
solution that many business will be turning to.
4. Hotels in Florida are already boasting the SensorStat has paid for
itself in just 12 months.
5. Increased exposure on EtgU from an upcoming media campaign next week
will certainly draw attention from investors. 

Heavy trading got ET gu moving hard all week. Wednesday and Friday saw a
giant push, to cut pricing and grab large blocks of shares in
expectation of next weeks trading. Get in early on Monday before the
price climbs back up and take advantage of the spread.

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