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Wed Nov 14 17:02:21 CET 2007

The Gold Market Update
Investors move into gold to protect investments as US Dollar spirals.

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Gold prices are climbing twice as fast as last years predictions. Lack
of exploration in the 90's has caused a depleted gold supply and the US
dollar has pushed investors to a more secure investment.

New technology has uncovered large deposits in Suriname, a country know
for its gold since the 1700's but has until now not been fully explored.

Hemisphere Gold Inc has recently announced findings of rich gold
deposits in Suriname. This is on their 720 sq mile property right in the
middle of the largest gold mines in the Suriname gold belt.

Five Things You Should Know

1. Up over $800 an ounce from $600 in January, Gold is making a climb
that will rival the gold boom of 1980.
2. The 90's were lacking in enough development and exploration for more
gold deposits; this has left us with a shortage in gold to supply
current market demands and huge increases in the price of gold.
3. Hemisphere has put together a team of geologists and professionals
that are responsible for some of the largest gold finds in the Guiana
4. HPGI is Playing The Gold Belt HPGI's 72,000 Hectare property sits in
the middle of two major gold deposits, one of which is already producing.
5. Gold has continued to be a strong foundation for financial security

With all the news on this company and the pending marketing campaign to
increase investors awareness, Hemisphere has the potential to provide
fantastic returns to its early investors. Read the news, review the
website and check out the profiles that were just released on
“Stockguru”. This could be the top investment for the year.

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