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T Bachelor Billy had a good place here at the breaker. It was not
hard work that he was doing. Robert Burnham had given him the
position ten years and more ago. Even on this hot mid-summer day, the
heat was less where he was than in any other part of the building. A
cool current came up the shaft and kept the air stirring about the
head, and the loaded mine-cars rose to the platform, dripping cold
water from their sides, and that was very refreshing to the eye as
well as to the touch. It was well along in the afternoon that Billy,
looking out to the north-west, saw a dark cloud rising slowly above
the horizon, and said to Andy Gilgallon, his assistant, that he hoped
it would not go away without leaving some rain behind it. Looking at
it again,

a few minutes later, he told Andy that he felt sure there would be
water enough to lay
the dust, at any rate. The cloud increased rapidly in size, rolling
up the sky in dark volumes, and emitting flashes of forked lightning
in quick succession. By and by the face of the sun was covered, and
the deep rumbling of the thunder
was almost continuous. There was a dead calm. Not even at the head of
the shaft could
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