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Lieve," said Mr. Hubbard. "It is not true, sir," said Arthur, "it
is false, totally and entirely false. Why, sir, do you mean to say,
that the life of a slave

is in the power of a master, and that he is not under the protection
of our laws?" "I
am told that is the case," said Mr. Hubbard. "Then you are told what
is not true; and it
seems to me, you are remarkably ignorant of the laws of your
country." "It is not my country," said Mr. Hubbard,
"I assure you. I lay no claims

to that part of the United States
where slavery is allowed." "Then if it is not your country, for what
reason do you concern yourself so much about its affairs?" "Because,"
replied Mr. Hubbard, "every individual has the

right to judge for himself, of his own, and of other countries." "No,
not without proper information," said Arthur. "And as you have now

and intend to be a lawyer, I trust you will have consideration enough
for the profession, not to advance opinions until you are
sufficiently informed to enable you to do so justly. Every country
must have its poor people; you have yours at the North, for I
see them--we have ours;
yours are white, ours are black.
I say yours are white; I should except your free blacks, who are the
most miserable c
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