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 that neither the captain nor Pearl was a competent pilot. "Here we
are," said Dory quietly, as he put the helm down, and came up into the
wind. "What's the matter now?" asked Corny. "Nothing the matter; but the
Missisquoi has concluded not to come any farther in this direction just
now," replied Dory, as he headed the schooner to the north-west. "She
has stopped!" exclaimed Thad. "That is just what she has done," added
the skipper. "What has she stopped there for?" asked Corny. "She
couldn't very well help it, for she is hugging the bottom." "Hugging the
bottom! What do you mean by that?" demanded Corny. "In plain English,
she is aground." And the skipper proceeded to explain the situation to
his companions. "Then, you knew what you were about all the time, Dory,"
said Thad, with something of admiration in his tones and manner. "I
thought I did all the time; but I did not expect the Missisquoi would
try to go over a place where the bottom is so near the top as it is on
this shoal," answered Dory. "There is nearly seven miles of deep water
to the eastward of this shoal to the head of Mallett's Bay. The lake is
thirteen miles wide on just this line." "Were you going up Mallett's
Bay?" "Not at all. I expected to run back and forth over this shoal
until the Missisquoi had enough of it, and then I was going to
Burlington." "Will the steamer get off the bottom?" "She was running at
her best speed when she struck the bottom; and I don't believe she will
get off in a hurry," replied Dory. "All we have to do is to go to
Burlington, then," added Corny. "We won't be in a hurry about it," said
Dory. "I want to see if she can get off. They are backing her now, and
there is Captain Vesey at work with a pole. The steamer seems to stick
hard. Her bow is about a foot out of water, b
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