[Practicas-developers] Ef, our guide, convened a council at Fort Armstrong. Keokuk and hi

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 where our guides were to conduct us. We had not gone far before six
Winnebagoes came in with one scalp. They said they had killed a man at a
grove, on the road from Dixon's to the lead mines. Four days after, the
party of Winnebagoes who had gone out from the head of Kishwacokee,
overtook us, and told me that they had killed four men and taken their
scalps: and that one of them was Keokuk's father, (the agent). They
proposed to have a dance over their scalps. I told them that I could
have no dancing in my camp, in consequence of my having lost three young
braves; but they might dance in their own camp, which they did. Two days
after, we 
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