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He who is) the supreme judge of Anu. 26 The Fire-god unto Merodach

draws near, and this word he saith unto thee. 27 In the pavilion, the
resting-place of might,
this word he hears, and 28 to his father Hea[9] to his house he
descends, and speaks: 29 O my father, the Fire-god unto the rising
of the sun has penetrated, and these secret words has uttered. 30
Learning the story of
those seven,

their places grant thou to another. 31 Enlarge the ears, O son of
Eridu.[10] 32 Hea his son Merodach answered: 33 My son, those seven
dwell in earth; 34 those seven from
the earth have issued. [Footnote 1: That is, the god of fire.]
[Footnote 2: The
Assyrian has, "Unto heaven that which
was not seen they raised."] [Footnote 3: The
Assyrian adds; "the first-born supreme."] [Footnote 4: In the Accadian

text, "they knew not."]
[Footnote 5: In the Accadian, "cause the foot to dwell."]
[Footnote 6:
In the Assyrian, "learned."] [Footnote 7: In the Accadian text,
Merodach, the mediator and protector of mankind,
is called "protector of the covenant."] [Footnote 8: That is, the
fire-god.] [Footnote
9: Hea, the god of the waters, was the father of Merodach, the
sun-god.] [Footnote 10: "Eridu," the "Rata" of Ptole
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