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" They climbed down to the camp
and told Phil

about what they had witnessed. Then all ate breakfast slowly, meanwhile
discussing the
adventure from all possible standpoints. "It was one of the Blugg crowd,
I feel certain of that," said Dave. "Perhaps it was Sol Blugg himself."
Slowly the morning wore away. When the sun came up
it was very hot and the youths were glad enough to draw into the shade
of the rocks. Just before noon all three climbed the tall rock again, to
look not only for Tom
Dillon and the horses, but also for Abe Blower and those with him. But
not a soul was in sight, nor did any horses show themselves. At a
distance they made out some mule deer and several goats, but that

was all. "Do you think we ought to walk along the back trail?" asked
Roger, when they were getting lunch. "Mr. Dillon may need our services."
"I'll go if you want me to, Roger," answered our hero.
"But he was a good distance away when we saw him through the glasses."

"Let us wait awhile--until the awful heat of the midday sun is over,"
suggested Phil
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