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S shall never again be so long in kindling, or so much covered up with
the dross of stupidity. I have desired Donaldson to cause his
correspondent at London, to send a copy of the first volume of his
collection to each of the Reviews, that is to say, to Hamilton[39] and
Griffiths, with whose names the slate-blue covers of these awful oracles
of criticism are inscribed. [Footnote 39: Hamilton was the proprietor of
"The Critical Review." Its first editor was Smollett. Griffiths was the
proprietor of "The Monthly Review." Goldsmith worked for him for some
time. Griffiths was fool enough to venture, with the aid of his wife, to
correct Goldsmith's compositions.--See Forster's "Life of
Goldsmith."--ED.] Donaldson has yet about thirty-six pages of the second
Volume to print. I have given him two hundred lines more. He is a
loadstone of prodigious power, and attracts all my poetic needles. The
Volume will be out next week; the different pieces of which it is
composed are, to be sure, not all of equal merit. But is not that the
case in every miscellaneous collection, even in that excellent one
published by Mr. Dodsley? The truth is, that a volume printed in a small
type exhausts an infinite quantity of _copy_ (to talk technically) so
that we must not be over-nice in our choice, nor think every man in our
ranks below size, who does not come up to the elevated standard of
Captain Andrew. D----'s encomiums have rendered my humility still
prouder; they are indeed superb, and worthy of an opposer of the German
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