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Uches hold out, we hoped to obtain food enough to keep us from starving
till we could reach the nearest settlement of Tillydrone. Before
commencing our return journey, however, it would be necessary, we
agreed, to obtain a supply of meat, as we should find but little game in
the region we had to cross. We must push on through it, therefore, as
fast as our horses could carry us; but after their hard gallop on the
previous day, it would be necessary to give them several hours rest, and
it was settled that we should remain encamped where we were until the
following morning. The locality had many advantages: it was high and
dry, while, commanding as it did an extensive view over the prairie, we
could see any hostile Indians approaching, and could defend ourselves
should they venture to attack us. As soon as breakfast was over, and we
had rested from the fatigues of the morning, we again set out on foot
with our guns. Charley and I, as before, kept together. The rest divided
into two parties, each hoping to add a good supply of meat to the common
stock. We had entered into an agreement not to fire a shot, unless sure
of our aim, as every charge, to us, was worth its weight in gold. A spot
had been fixed on, where we were to meet, about a couple of miles from
the camp, in the centre of the ridge. Charley and I had gone on for an
hour or more, but had met with no game, when what was our delight to see
a herd of a dozen large deer feeding in a glade below us; and, although
too far off to risk a shot, we hoped that by making a wide circuit we
should be able to creep up to them on the lee side. Taking the proposed
direction, we observed a large clump of rose-bushes, which grew in great
profusion in th
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