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 it all away. That's what made the water so muddy," replied Paddy. "But
what did you build it for in the first place?" Jerry persisted. "Because
I had to have something to rest my sticks against while I was building
my walls, of course," replied Paddy. "When I got the tops fastened
together for a roof, they didn't need a support any longer, and then I
dug it away to make this room. I couldn't have built such a big room any
other way. I see you don't know very much about house-building, Cousin
Jerry." "I--I'm afraid I don't," confessed Jerry sadly. XIII THE QUEER
STOREHOUSE Everybody knew that Paddy the Beaver was laying up a supply
of food for the winter, and everybody thought it was queer food. That
is, everybody but Prickly Porky the Porcupine thought so. Prickly Porky
likes the same kind of food, but he never lays up a supply. He just goes
out and gets it when he wants it, winter or summer. Wh
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