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Te of the little garden in front of the place George asked: "What story
are we to tell?" "The usual yarn, I suppose," answered Watson. "Fleming
County, Kentucky--anxious to join the Confederate forces--_et cetera_.
Bah! I loathe all this subterfuge and deceit. I wish I were back
fighting the enemy in the open day!" They walked boldly up to the door
of the house and knocked. The old gentleman whom Watson had seen soon
stood before them. The lamp which he held above him shone upon a face
full of benignity and peacefulness. His features were handsome; his eyes
twinkled genially, as if he loved all his fellow-men. Watson told his
Kentucky story, and asked food and lodgings for George and himself until
the early morning. "Come in," said the old man, simply but cordially,
"any friend of the South is a friend of mine." The minister (for he
proved to be a country preacher who rode from church to church "on
circuit"), ushered the two Northerners and the dog 
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