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D (for no slight Crime,
but for Treason)

are here, I can not expect that this House will be in the
right way that I do heartily wish it. Therefore I am come to tell you
that I must have them wherever I find them."
After looking around, and finding that the members in question
were not in the hall, he continued: "Well! since I see the Birds are
flown, I do expect from you that you shall send them unto me as soon
as they return
hither. But I assure you, on the Word of a King, I never did intend
any Force, but shall proceed against them in a legal and fair way, for
I never meant any other. "I will trouble you no more,
but tell you I do expect, as soon as they come

to the House, you will send them
to me, otherwise I must take my own course to find them." The king's
coming thus into the House of Commons, and demanding in person that
they should act according to his instructions, was
a very extraordinary circumstance--perhaps
unparalleled in English history. It produced the
greatest excitement. When he had
finished his address, he turned to the speaker and asked him

where those men were. He had his guard ready at the door to seize
them. It is difficult for us, in this country, to understand fully to
how severe a test
this sudden question put the presence of mind and courage of the
speaker; for we can not realize the profound

and awful deference which was felt in those days for the command of a
king. The speaker gained great applause for the manner in which he
stood the trial. He
fell upon his knees before the great potentate who had addressed him,
and said, "I have, sir, neither eyes to

see, nor tongue to speak, in this place, but as the House is pleased
to direct me, whose servant
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