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E an immense common fund. When Cradell,
in the present tale, talks about Mrs. Lupex's fine _torso_, we are
reminded both
of Thackeray and Dickens. But when the Squire, coming down to the
Small House to discuss his niece's marriage, just avoids a quarrel
with his sister
about the propriety of early
fires, we acknowledge, that, as it stands, the trait belongs to
Trollope alone. Dickens would have eschewed it, and Thackeray would
have expanded it. The same remark applies to their pathos. With
Trollope we weep, if it so happen we can, for a given shame or wrong.
Our sympathy in the work before us is for the jilted Lily Dale, our
indignation for her false lover. But our compassion for Amelia
Osborne and Colonel Newcome goes to the whole race of the oppressed.
Mr. Trollope's
greatest value we take to be that he is so purely a novelist.
The chief requisite for writing a novel in the present age seems to
be that the writer should be everything
else. It implies that the story-telling gift is very well in its way,
but that the inner substance of a tale must repose on some direct
professional experience.
This fashion is of very recent date. Formerly the novelist had
no p
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