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Will be as thrifty and prosperous as their Caucasian brothers, and

the wealth which this rapidly increasing race will produce in the next
half century will much of it be their own property. Poverty is no more
an essential characteristic
of the African
than of the white American, and it looks as though the Negro

was likely to win his fair share of our prosperity
in the years to
come. The capacity for improvement is also indicated by the large
variety of occupations which the Negro is successfully
pursuing. It has been imagined by
some that
the work he could do is exceedingly
limited in its range, and
that he must needs be a barber, a waiter, or a small
farmer. But at the New Orleans Exposition not long ago, an entire
gallery across one end of the building was assigned to the colored
people, and they more than filled it with an astonishing array of
their products in all sorts of work. There were
exhibits of mechanical, agricultural and artistic skill;
specimens of millinery, tailoring
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