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N objects and affairs of life, to be easily susceptible of imaginative
coloring in their minds; and even their poets and romancers feel it a
toil, and almost a delusion, to extract poetic material out of what
seems embodied poetry itself to an American. An Englishman cares nothing
about the Tower, which to us is a haunted castle in dreamland. That
honest and excellent gentleman, the late Mr. G.P.R. James, (whose
mechanical ability, one might have supposed, would nourish itself by
devouring every old stone of such a structure,) once assured me that he
had never in his life set eyes upon the Tower, though for years an
historic novelist in London. Not to spend a whole summer's day upon the
voyage, we will suppose ourselves to have reached London Bridge, and
thence to have taken another steamer for a farther passage up the river.
But here the memorable objects succeed each other so rapidly that I can
spare but a single sentence even for the great Dome, though I deem it
more picturesque, in that dusky atmosphere, than St. Peter's in its
clear blue sky. I must mention, however, (since everything connected
with royalty is especially interesting to my dear countrymen,) that I
once saw a large and beautiful barge, splendidly gilded and ornamented,
and overspread with a rich covering, lying at the pier nearest to St.
Paul's Cathedral; it had the royal banner of Great Britain displayed,
besides being decorated with a number of other flags; and many footmen
(who are universally the grandest and gaudiest objects to be seen in
England at this day, and these were regal ones, in a bri
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