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W, from Ware to Shooter's Hill.' And the truth is, the only 'crime' he
ever committed was plagiarism. The self-assumed title of Captain should
have deceived nobody, for the braggart never stole anything more
difficult of acquisition than another man's words. He picked brains, not
pockets; he committed the greater sin and ran no risk. He helped himself
to the admirable inventions of Captain Smith without apology or
acknowledgment, and, as though to lighten the dead-weight of his sin, he
never skipped an opportunity of maligning his victim. Again and again in
the very act to steal he will declare vaingloriously that Captain
Smith's stories are 'barefaced inventions.' But doubt was no check to
the habit of plunder, and you knew that at every reproach, expressed (so
to say) in self-defence, he plied the scissors with the greater energy.
The most cunning theft is the tag which adorns the title-page of his
book: Little villains oft submit to fate That great ones may enjoy the
world in state. Thus he quotes from Gay, and you applaud the aptness of
the quotation, until you discover that already it was used by Steele in
his appreciation of the heroic Smith! However, Johnson has his uses, and
those to whom the masterpiece of Captain Alexander is inaccessible will
turn with pleasure 
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