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Nd the young Willamette runner sitting on a log by the path, looking
even more woebegone than he had the day before. Cecil stopped to inquire
how he was. "_Cultus_ [bad]," was grunted in response. "Did you see the
races?" "Races bad. What do I care?" "I hope you will be better soon."
"Yes, better or worse by and by. What do I care?" "Can I do anything for
you?" "Yes." "What is it?" "Go." And he dropped his hand upon his knees,
doubled himself together, and refused to say another word. As Cecil
turned to go he found Multnomah standing close by, watching him. "Come,"
said the stern despot, briefly. "I want to talk with you." He led the
way back through the noisy encampment to the now deserted grove of
council. Everything there was quiet and solitary; the thick circle of
trees hid them from the camp, though its various sounds floated faintly
to them. They were quite alone. Multnomah seated himself on the stone
covered with furs, that was
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