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L her thoughts and cares are given to her neighbours? Some people
suppose that ambition is at the bottom of all this; but we do not share
the opinion. The woman of the world is ambitious, for the aggrandisement
of herself or family is the main-spring of all her management; but _our_
manager finds in the trouble she takes its own reward. The other would
not stir hand or tongue without some selfish end in view; while she will
work morning, noon, and night, without the faintest dream of
remuneration. Again, Bottom the weaver is an ambitious character. Not
satisfied with playing Pyramus--'An' I may hide my face,' says he, 'let
me play Thisbe too!' And so likewise, when the lion is mentioned, he
would fain play the lion in addition to both, promising to aggravate his
voice in such a way as to roar you as gently as any sucking-dove. The
managing partner would shrink from this kind of active employment. She
would compose the play, distribute the parts, shift the scenes, and
snuff the candles; but she would take no part in the performance. This
makes her characte
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