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Loving but wretched father, and stung to madness by his country's
servitude, whose cause he early made his own, Orsini's life was from the
beginning a tragedy. Fate seemed to have wrested from him every form of
happiness in order to make him a more desperate conspirator. He
conspired from pure love of liberty, for which at any moment he was
ready to die. Those who merely know Orsini by the last act of his life
can have no proper appreciation of the wonderful purity and nobility of
his character. In his attempt to assassinate Louis Napoleon, he was
actuated by as exalted motives as led Charlotte Corday to do a bloody
deed. Exiled, a price upon his head, deceived by those in whom he had
put faith, in despair at the state of Italian affairs, Orsini committed
what he himself, in a letter to his intended victim, Napoleon, confessed
to be _un fatale errore mentale_,--assassination being in direct
opposition to the faith and facts of his life up to the conspiracy of th
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