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Dear friends and colleagues, please find below the information of the
important PPT in Berlin. Yours, Birgit

Birgit Daiber
CP 28 I-98055 Lipari (ME)
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23rd to 25th

Dear Colleagues in the AEPF Dem/HR and Migration Cluster,

Finally, despite the twists and turns of COVID-19, the Permanent Peoples
Tribunal (PPT) Hearing will be organised in Berlin from October 23-25th -
only 25 people are allowed in-person at any given time...but there is
expectation for a broad online participation. Below the Invitation and the
links for registration - this is urgent and necessary for the access to
interpretation - the main language will be English and interpretation in
Spanish, French and German.

The coms outreach is being co-ordinated with Anu -  Paloma Chen from the
Transnational Migrant Platform-Europe (TMP-E) will be focussing on that.

I will also catch up later with the updated Event Proposal in the context
of the activities - Europe and Asia that we anticipate in the Cluster's
Campaign on the Architecture of Authoritarianism. This PPT Session is
planned as an important moment to gain an overveiw of the current context
for migrant and refugee peoples in Europe and the struggles of resistence
and solidarity.

So counting on your participation and spreading the word!

Warm greetings!




“As Co-Convenors of the 45th session of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, we
are aware of the challenges raised by the strategies of resistance and the
alternatives that migrant and refugee peoples are building, despite their
exclusion in “no-rights zones”. We will continue working on the demands
formulated during the PPT hearing process and strengthening our alliances
to converge towards a new era of transnational action and solidarity”.

This serves as an *INVITATION *to participate in the Permanent People’s
Tribunal (PPT) Berlin Hearing – which takes place on *Friday October
23-Sunday, October 25.* The PPT Jurors will hear testimonies and Reports
from organisations and experts from different countries in Europe –
Germany, Britain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Spain - chronicling the
conditions of racist exclusion on the ground, the root causes of forced
displacement (failed extractivist economies, climate change, war), and the
global restructuring of labour under globalization. The PPT Hearing will
also focus the resistance and struggles to defend and reclaim human rights
for all and an end to Camps, and closed militarized borders.

The focus of this Hearing is on the *Right to Health* and the access to
Health care for Migrant and Refugee Peoples in Europe. It is co-convened by
several migrant and refugee and in-solidarity organisations and movements
in Germany - including the International Physicians for the Prevention of
Nuclear War (IPPNW) and Borderline.

It forms part of the 45th Session of the PPT, co-convened by more than 500
organisations  throughout Europe to address the *Violations with Impunity
of the Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples. *Launched in July 2017
– ongoing, the PPT has held Hearings in Barcelona, Palermo, Paris, London
and Brussels. https://ppt.transnationalmigrantplatform.net/

Due to COVID-19 conditions this will be a ‘hybrid event’ – a small
in-person participation in Berlin – and a wide on line participation via
Zoom. The language of the Session is English, but interpretation will be
provided In German, Spanish and French.

*Registration is required* – this is also necessary to access the

There will also be Live Stream – but this does not provide interpretation.

*To register and receive a ZOOM link for the PPT Hearing,* please access
this link:

Information will also be posted for the You Tube Live Stream

Background and Additional Information is available:


Please spread the word and join in the social media actions – further
information to follow.

Please contact: Paloma Chen P.Chen at transnationalmigrantplatform.net (EN, ES

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