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Hi all,

As things related to *Open Value Networks* seem to be cropping up all over
my world at the moment, I thought I would take the liberty of sending an
update on all OVN-related activity I’m in the loop about to widen your
window into where these ideas are being turned into realities. Let me know
if you would like to be connected with people or groups mentioned in this
list and I am happy to make introductions for you (:

There are a number of different projects underway building out different
backend infrastructures to support the REA data model. In parallel with
this, development of numerous interfaces to enable OVN-supported
interactions are also underway.

*On the user interface front:*

My talented co-conspirator Ivan Minutillo has continued work on the OCE
<https://opencoopecosystem.net/> more or less continually over the last 18
months, and an ecosystem of React-based interfaces for REA APIs is
beginning to emerge. So far, all apps are built on the GraphQL APIs that
myself, Lynn Foster and Bob Haugen added to OCP
<https://github.com/FreedomCoop/valuenetwork> (a fork of Sensorica’s
original NRP <http://nrp.sensorica.co/>) back in 2017. This provides a
clean, abstract API interface that is easily workable with other future
backends. The flagship OCE app is currently the so-called “agent dashboard”.

On the more experimental side— Bob, Lynn and Ivan have been exploring the
concept of merging social interactions and economic interactions into the
same systems. This groundwork is set to lead to a new generation of more
lightweight chat-like REA applications
<https://ivanminutillo.com/2018/10/14/an-enconomic-markdown/>, which we
hope will eventually supercede the aging, centralised and resource-heavy
NRP system and its forks.

*Holochain infrastructure:*

I have officially resigned from ConsenSys and finish out my contract this
week. David Hand, Ivan and myself have begun work on a Holochain-based
implementation of the REA data model, in consultation with Bob and Lynn.
This, we hope, will become the new economic protocol framework for ethical
producers, organic growers, intentional communities and smart cities (but
eventually production in general) to manage and share their resources.
David (who was part of the team who created the original NRP) and I are
investigating the systems layer and building GraphQL interfaces to
Holochain such that Ivan’s existing OCP UIs can work with the new backend
without alteration.

Producer’s Token <https://www.producerstoken.com/> have recently gotten in
touch with our team and are investigating ways they can help to support the
project financially. Their initial goal is to build a platform for
agricultural buyers and sellers to connect directly.

*Scuttlebutt infrastructure:*

Luandro Vieira continues to implement a village mesh network combined with
a social-economic network. Several other people have started to use Secure
Scuttlebutt <https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/> in Brazil and are connecting with

*ActivityPub infrastructure:*

In the ActivityPub <https://activitypub.rocks/> space, Mayel de Borniol is
back in action, and MoodleNet <https://docs.moodle.org/dev/MoodleNet> is
shooting for some December and January deadlines that will tell us what we
have to build on there.

*Original Django infrastructure:*

   - FreedomCoop <http://freedomcoop.eu/> continue to push the development
   of new interfaces for OCP / NRP forward, along with upgrades to the backend
   - LearnDeep <http://learndeep.org/> continue their experimentation with
   NRP and new interfaces tailored to managing their high-school fablab
   - Macaco <http://www.macaomilano.org/> will be a new additional
   on-the-ground usergroup, testing Ivan’s work coordination UIs on top of
   - FairCoop CoopShares
   <https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/FairCoop_Coopshares> is an upcoming
   project that both Lynn and Ivan have been involved in and may use Ivan’s UI
   components plus one of the new P2P infrastructures: most likely
   ActivityPub, but maybe Holochain, whichever is getting ready faster. It
   will also involve a combination of the P2P infrastructure and a blockchain,
   so there will be some interesting integrations to occur there.

*Case studies, potential partnerships and other collaborations:*

   - Myself and the ConsenSys Solutions Australia team (including my
   flatmate Thomas Miller and friend Stephen Alexander
   <http://www.stephenalexander.com.au/>) are visiting the outback town of
   Charleville this week speaking to the local council about ways of enacting
   economic sovereignty using tokenized economic systems, with a view to
   building new government services on combinations of Ethereum and Holochain.
   The outcome of this will be a regional economic development &
   sustainability report for the Australian federal government; specifically
   focusing on the survival of remote farming communities critical to ensuring
   food security in our country. They will be consulting with a view to
   deploying OVN architectures in a range of problem spaces and aiming to seed
   new value forms within the tokenized economies favoured by the blockchain
   community; starting with community-owned ISPs. The framework we will be
   discussing is based on the following modelling, heavily influenced by the
   work of the Metacurrency project:
   [image: P_20181113_142829.jpg]
   - Bob has been in touch with Wim Laurier
   at his request. He has been working on REA business collaboration spaces.
   He’s working on some automated logic for deriving conventional accounting
   reports for each agent involved in an economic collaboration, from all the
   REA events floating through the collaboration space. He’s focused on
   blockchains, but his logic will work on any infrastructure. He says his
   logic will be declarative and will require no procedural code.
   - My contacts at bHive Bendigo <http://bhive.coop/> (intimately involved
   with Eric Doriean of AnyShare <https://app.sharing.space/login>) are
   looking into creating OVN networks on Holochain to power their economic
   coordination app toolkit. It’s likely they will end up being consumers of
   the system that myself, David & Ivan have just begun implementing.
   - The intentional community <http://lifebubbles.org/> Thomas and I live
   on (outdated website) is adopting OVN principles for documenting the R&D
   that goes in to the sustainable living experiments we are undertaking here.
   I plan to use this as an opportunity to dogfood *Holo-REA* as we build
   it. We also have good relationships with local LETS communities and other
   eco-villages we are looking at ways of networking and sharing resources
   - Monique Potts and her colleagues at The University of Technology
   Sydney Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit have begun to experiment more
   earnestly with OVNs and REA modelling as part of their masters winter
   school programs.
   - Peter Morris from Geelong, near Melbourne, got in touch with me via
   Bob & Lynn on the topic of wanting to start a similar program at a
   university in Victoria. Peter has a background in the telecommunications
   industry so there is likely possible cross-pollination with the work Thomas
   and Stephen are doing. Peter’s ultimate goal is in using the data generated
   by REA systems as an aid in evidence-based decision-making in government
   - I will be flying to Chiang Mai to visit Michel Bawens of the P2P
   Foundation in the third week of December, along with some blockchain
   engineers, cryptographers and hopefully members of the Circles UBI team
   from ConsenSys. My aim for those discussions was to lay out the designs for
   this network of economic networks and have Michel play devil’s advocate &
   domain expert along the way to a solution design; but I’m completely open
   to any and all additional forms of learning / exploration.

Please feel free to share this with as many people as you see fit- all the
above is public knowledge. The future looks bright indeed for an
OVN-enabled revolution!

Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at: http://commonstransition.org

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

http://twitter.com/mbauwens; http://www.facebook.com/mbauwens

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