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I think our latest State of Power report would be of strong interest to
this list, so am circulating it in case you hadn't seen it yet

We have also since launched a retrospective of diverse people-power
victories since 1968 at http://50years.tni.org/

Best wishes, Nick
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Subject: State of Power 2018: Counter-power
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TNI launched our annual State of Power reports because we believe that the
issue of power is central to the struggle for social justice. It has since
become our most popular report, delving into who has power, how it's
exercised and how we can realise our collective power to transform society.

In this year's seventh edition of State of Power, we decided to focus on
counter-power, to examine what is needed to build up the power of social
movements and how it can be best harnessed.

We are thrilled with the essays and analysis we brought together from
leading activists and thinkers. We welcome your thoughts and comments so
please get in touch via our social media channels or by emailing
stateofpower at tni.org

Read the overview online


Introductory interview
Marching forward: Women, resistance and counter-power
*An interview with Bertha Zúñiga Cáceres, Medha Patkar and Nonhle Mbuthuma*
Three inspiring and courageous social movement leaders from Honduras, India
and South Africa share their perspectives on how to build durable and
effective popular movements.
> Read the interview

'Beneath the pavements, the beach' - or the whirlpool? Lessons of 1968

*Hilary Wainwright* in her preview of an upcoming book argues that the
revolutions of 1968 have an ambivalent legacy - they both regenerated
capitalism but also experimented with forms of participation and
transformative power that can and are inspiring today's social movements.
> Read online

Thinking Freedom: achieving the impossible collectively

Drawing on his award-winning book, *Michael Neocosmos* argues that real
emancipation emerges out of the universalist thinking that comes from
collective struggle and must not be conflated with the politics of
representation whether by parties or states.
> Read online

>From protest movements to transformative politics

Renowned Italian political activist, *Luciana Castellina* argues that
movements are not enough to build counter-power. There is a need for a new
kind of political party to mediate organized and diverse peoples and to
rebuild the connective tissue that binds society and politics.
> Read online

Without translation, no hay revolución!

*Alice Froidevaux and Eline Müller*
Two radical interpreters with La Via Campesina assert that language - and
thus translation and interpretation - is about access, about participation,
about power. How can we bring about language justice within transnational
social movements?
> Read online

Building feminist counter-power: In for the long haul

Author of One-Dimensional Woman, *Nina Power*, acclaims the new feminist
militancy on the streets, across the globe and in the air. Social movements
should use this moment to overcome the socialization of girls and boys that
has been so hard to shift in order to permanently end the bullying and
harassment typified in the likes of Trump.
> Read online

Flowing Movement: Building alternative water governance in Mexico

*Gerardo Alatorre Frenk* tells the inspiring story of how the Mexican
government's decision to acknowledge access to water as a human right led
to a massive civil society response including 99 public forums to define
what good water governance looks like. What can we learn from the
> Read online

Madrid's Community Gardens: Where neighbourhood counter-power puts down

*José Luis Fernández Casadevante Kois, Nerea Morán and Nuria del Viso*
report on the community garden movement that has emerged in Madrid. What
if, rather than the barricade, we were to think of counter-power in terms
of a space such as a community garden?
> Read online

People in defence of life and territory: Counter-power and self-defence in
Latin America

*Raúl Zibechi* reports on the liittle-reported rise of self-defence groups
and community police forces created across Latin America by communities to
resist state and corporate violence. What do these counter-power structures
look like and what we can learn from them?
>Read online

Making counter-power out of madness

Journalist and TV presenter *Laura Flanders* asks how movements in the US
can build counter-power out of Trumpian madness? Against the odds, a new
vision is emerging that seeks to bring together a systemic critique with an
embodied practice based on shared decision-making, solidarity economics and
community-based approaches to prosperity and security.
> Read online

Fighting for public health: How a Swedish rural community confronted
neoliberal cutbacks

*Desirée Enlund*
The rural communities in the Västernorrland county of Northern Sweden are
often ignored, but in 2017 their struggle to stop cutbacks in maternity and
emergency care made national news. What lessons can we learn on how to
build counter-power in rural areas of the Global North?
> Read online

You can read all the essays here
On 30th January, TNI will also launch a visual history of 50 years of
counter-power. Keep an eye out for it on our Facebook
and Twitter

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