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*" Take part in mapping degrowth activities "*

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Dear readers,

be it climate justice, self-determined development or the revolution of
care-work, aspects of the degrowth-discourse can be found in many social
movements.Therefore, we're working on common perspectives for changing
society across movements. One of our highlights 2017 was the conference
"Self-Determined & in Solidarity - migration, development and ecological
crises". Its success keeps us motivated to further seek the connection of

In this newsletter we want to give you an insight into the conference - as
well as the debates on our blog.

Enjoy the read!
The editing team of degrowth.info
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Self-Determined & in Solidarity!Videos, photos and reports online

*All videos of the conference are subtitled!*

With 700 participants, the conference "Self-Determined & in Solidarity" was
more than twice the expected size. It took place from October 6 to 8 in
Leipzig, Germany, treating questions such as: What is the connection
between the debate around a just design of migration and the one around an
ecological and social economy? What are the links between alternative
concepts such as „Degrowth“ or „Post-Development“ and a postcolonial
perspective on the causes of flight? Why do migrants start their journeys
and what do we mean when we call for "self-determined development"?

Participants treated these quesions in workshops, panel discussions,
theater performances and exhibitions. The conference connected the topics
of flight and migration, self-determined development and ecological crises
- and built bridges between the respective movements: from freedom of
movement and anti-racism to agriculture, degrowth and climate justice.

You can see several panel discussions and lectures as videos
In addition, we have published a photo gallery
the conference.
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Take part in mapping degrowth activities

The Degrowth Support Group, which promotes the International Degrowth
Conferences, has launched *a short survey to find out who is already
working on degrowth where
<https://degrowth.community/surveys/mapping-degrowth-worldwide> *and then
start a map with this information. If there is sufficient drive, a loose
network can also evolve. The map will aim to facilitate those interested in
degrowth to join a nearby group and work together on the territory, while
connecting already existing groups.

It is an attempt to bring groups and individuals together for political and
practical actions on degrowth. To organize and build synergies for joint
action on degrowth we need to know who we are and what our ideas are.

*> Take part in the survey*

Feel free to forward the survey to groups who you think might be interested!
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Have you read yet?Just three of the many great posts on our blog
[image: Decolonisation and Degrowth]
Decolonisation and Degrowth

By Claire Deschner and Elliot Hurst

Why do degrowth scholars use the word "decolonise" to discuss the process
of changing the growth imaginary? Isn’t decolonisation about undoing the
historical colonisation of land, languages and minds? How do these two uses
of the word relate?

*> read more
[image: From Degrowth to De-Globalization]
>From Degrowth to De-Globalization

By Samuel Decker

The rise of far-right globalization criticism requires a new role for the
Degrowth movement. ‘Progressive De-Globalization‘ could be the
counter-project that is urgently needed.

*> read more
[image: Degrowth and Feminism]
Degrowth and Feminism

By Corinna Dengler and Birte Strunk

Is it possible to reconcile sustainable development, a fair distribution of
both paid and unpaid work among genders, and an economic strategy based on

*> read more <https://www.degrowth.info/en/2017/11/degrowth-and-feminism/>*
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