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Published today (Wednesday, Oct 25th) on *Independent Science News*

*Goodbye to Golden Rice? GM Trait Leads to Drastic Yield Loss and
"Metabolic Meltdown"*
by Allison Wilson, PhD

*Synopsis*: For nearly 20 years, GMO Golden Rice has been promoted as a
potent tool to alleviate vitamin A deficiency. Golden Rice has never been
commercialised, however, and its failure to reach the market has been
blamed on “over-regulation” and on “anti-GMO” opposition. Recent research
by Indian scientists shows that introducing Golden Rice transgenes
had unexpected detrimental effects. Their high yielding and agronomically
superior Indian rice variety became pale and stunted, with yields so
reduced it was unsuitable for cultivation (Bollinedi *et al*. 2017). This
research has obvious implications for Golden Rice, particularly by
suggesting that nutritionally useful GMO Golden Rice may be an
impossibility. As Dr Wilson explains, it also throws a substantial shadow
over the general feasibility of nutritional enhancement by GMO technology.

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