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first storm at my new employer:

 in The Brussels Times


Didier Gosuin is concerned about Deliveroo’s decision to put an end to the
current work arrangement for a thousand delivery drivers.

Deliveroo has denounced the agreement initiated in 2016 to regulate this
form of work. The Brussels Minister for Employment and Economy, Didier
Gosuin (DéFI), himself denounced on Thursday that it “marks a retrograde
step which can only worry those defending the collaborative economy and
social liberalism.”

The company announced its decision to put an end to the agreement initiated
in 2016 with SMart, to regulate the work of delivery drivers. As indicated
above, Didier Gosuin said, “Deliveroo are indicating a clear retrograde
step which will only worry those defending the collaborative economy and
social liberalism. Progress had been made with this agreement in 2016. At
the time it enshrined hourly payment respecting legal minima, guaranteed
payment for a minimum of three hours for each day worked, took account of
various expenses and created bonuses. Such drivers were not getting the
moon but it was progress in a way.” He lamented, “The return to the payment
of workers for each individual delivery, is the route to precarious

The Brussels Minister for Employment and Economy says that this
announcement by Deliveroo comes at a time when the main players (SMart and
the trade unions) were about to reach a commercial collective bargaining
agreement (known as a “CCT”) in this sphere. Didier Gosuin added, “Instead
of achieving the chances of succeeding in a world first, that is to say the
creation of a form of modern social pact in the field of digital platforms,
this is now a retrograde step. That is not how we will create innovative
economic and sustainable development.” He stated that he was in contact
with Deliveroo to hear the concerns of the company and attempt to
appreciate their arguments.

Mr Gosuin lastly mentioned that he had been warning for some three years of
the risks linked to “Uberization of the economy.” He insisted, “I am a
strong proponent of the digital economy and the collaborative economy.
However, there must be a regulated social and fiscal framework to ensure
the dignity of everyone’s work and a fair contribution to our social model
by all stakeholders at any given moment in time.”

*Lars Andersen*
*The Brussels Times*


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