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Subject: CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST • After Growth Symposium
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Anthropocene Transition Project 2017 • UTS BUSINESS SCHOOL
After Growth • Re-imagining Economies for the Anthropocene
A One-Day Transdisciplinary Symposium • 17th July 2017

Call for Expressions of Interest

On Monday 17th July the Anthropocene Transition Project will convene a
one-day transdisciplinary symposium entitled *After Growth: Re-imagining
Economies for the Anthropocene*.

After Growth will be a participatory gathering with more than half the day
in facilitated working groups.
*Participation will be free* but numbers will be strictly limited by the
capacity of the venue and the participatory nature of the event.

In order to ensure the widest possible representation of disciplines and
fields of practice and research we are calling for expressions of interest.

*If you would like to be part of this event please submit your expression
of interest before close of business on Friday 30th June. **Invitations
will be issued the following week.*

An After Growth e-flyer is attached.


*Your expression of Interest should include:*







*Please submit your EoI by replying to this email with the above


The Shape of the Day

The symposium will be structured around four main 'platform' sessions:

   - Framing the Anthropocene Transition - *What key ideas are integral to
   the concept of the Anthropocene Transition? *

ATP audio-visual presentation followed by audience table discussions.

   - Envisioning Economic Vitality Without Growth - *What would generative
   economies look like without the engine of growth? *

Three speakers followed by audience Q&A:

Keynote: Professor Robert Costanza, environmental economist, Crawford
School of Public Policy, Australian National University
Dr Jose Ramos, futurist and P2P/commoning animateur and ActionForesight
Dr Michelle Maloney, lawyer and convenor of Australian Earth Laws Alliance
and New Economy Network

   - Re-inventing Value for the Anthropocene - *What value regime in needed
   to support a life-sustaining economy? *

Cross-disciplinary roundtable discussion followed by audience table

Professor Margaret Somerville, educationist, Western Sydney University
Eva Cox, sociologist and civil society researcher/activist, Centre for
Policy Development
Dr Susan Ballard, contemporary arts, University of Wollongong (tbc)
Dr Scott Kelly, economist, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures
Dr Astrida Neimanis, gender and cultural studies, University of Sydney
Dr Jeremy Walker, environmental philosopher, UTS Social and Political
Sciences Program

   - Guiding Principles for Economic Transition – *What principles should
   guide economic thinking through a period of profound social, cultural and
   environmental transition? *

The greater part of the afternoon will be devoted to World Cafe and/or open
space discussion in small groups.

*Synthesis panel:*

Robert Costanza, Jose Ramos, Michelle Maloney, Margaret Somerville

I hope you will consider participating in this symposium and look forward
to receiving your expression of interest.

All good wishes,

Ken McLeod


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