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Hello commoners,

allow me to point you the new book by Dario Azzellini, it is also
available online:

Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela. Building 21st Century Socialism
from Below. Brill. Nov. 2016 - Dario Azzellini.

In Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela: Building 21st Century
Socialism from Below, Dario Azzellini offers an account of the Bolivarian
Revolution from below. While authors on Venezuela commonly concentrate on
former president Hugo Chávez and government politics, this book shows how
workers, peasants and the poor in urban communities engage in building 21st
century socialism through popular movements, communal councils, communes
fighting for workers' control. In a relationship of cooperation and
with the state, social transformation is approached on 'two tracks', from
below and from above. Azzellini’s fascinating account stands out because of
the extensive empirical examples and original voices from movements,
councils, communes and workers.

Out in now with Brill and in 2017 as paperback with Haymarket.

Read more and see table of content:


Online book:


Kind regards,


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