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Dear Friends,

The Fourth South South Forum on Sustainability will take place on July 3-6,
with extended sessions on July 7-8, 2017. Please visit
south-forum-on-sustainability-4-6-july-2017-2/ to see the updated
Programme, Reader, and Participant Profiles. After the Forum, we will edit
all sessions and upload online to the Lingnan University and Global
University websites.

Attached is the finalized Programme.

In order to enable those among you who cannot come in person to the Forum
in Hong Kong but would like to watch or participate, we have set up live
streaming on youtube, and a Skype chat room. Which means you can watch the
Forum from your location. Please roll down for the way to join. Please
inform your friends, colleagues and networks about the live streaming and
chat room. The Forum is open to the global public.

Please note that the Forum is listed under World Social Forum category 3
activities, which means the Forum is not organized by the WSF, but
organized by active participants involved in the WSF process. Our special
thanks to Pierre George who makes this proposal of live streaming, and
assists with the technicalities. You can follow http://openfsm.net/projects/
discussion/archive/2017/06/1498744610418/forum_view and

*How to watch live streaming and join chat room:*

Please go to YouTube to watch our live streaming of the conference at
Global University for Sustainability Live Streaming
Global University for Sustainability is live streaming the Fourth
South-South Forum on Sustainability at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, from
July 4 to July 8...

Alternatively, you can go to Global University for Sustainability,
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClIP6qH6BInA9_nIsUAYcMw  Under
“Activities”, select “live streams”.
Global University for Sustainability - YouTube
Wen Teijun : General Introduction to the Ten Cyclical Economic Crises of
the PRC (1949-2016), March-May 2017, Hong Kong Organized and Produced by
Global University ...

We have a Skype chat room to receive online questions using text chat.

You can join anytime at https://join.skype.com/pj15U9ayYnAK or
Join conversation <https://join.skype.com/pj15U9ayYnAK>

If you want to join as a temporary guest, just click No or Cancel on the
pop-up dialog, then click Join conversation, enter your name and click
Join. To send a message, enter your text at the bottom of the screen and
click the Send arrow. At end, just close the web page or click Leave

Thank you, and with warm regards,

Kin Chi on behalf of the team

[image: Lingnan University Hong Kong] <http://www.ln.edu.hk>
[image: Transformation For Life]

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