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Subject: Europeana - goteo matchfunding campaign on 1821 platform

Hello all
(I am writing in english for Michel)
So, Personal Cinema & Collaborators have been selected by Europeana for a
matchfunding campaign regarding a proposal that we submitted. The proposal
refers to the creation of an online educational platform in respect to
Europeana's collections of material based on the Greek war of independence
1821. It is part of a vaster project that we are designing as a videogame,
which will deal with the war of independence and the issues of the revival
of nationalism. The game will be the upcoming genre called Historical

The platform -and the game will be licensed as CC and same will go with the
game . We intend to create an online library that will include all game
elements for free reuse and especially to map in 3D simulations the
mediterranean and Balkan nature and built environment. (Enough with the
nordic Tolkien simulations of nature and history) .

Here is the url of the campaign at goteo : https://en.goteo.org/

Please spread it.
All best

Ilias Marmaras
e-mail: mbholgr at gmail.com
Skype name: Iliasmar

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