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Hello friends.

During the December conference
and in the months since, the issue of "What is Open Cooperativism and how
does it compare to Platform Cooperativism" has been brought up numerous
times. Bruno Roleants in particular raised some very pertinent questions
which we've been eager to follow up on.

We thought hard about it and Ann Marie and I have written this in-depth
analysis of both approaches and why they matter. One of the purposes was to
explain Open Coops in an understandable language and, also, to offset it
against Platform Coops while explaining how they can work together. Here is
the article:

*From Platform to Open Cooperativism*


This is an extract: “Rather than assuming a digital backbone, Open
Cooperativism explores how open data, ecological stewardship, and the
active production of Commons might expand and revive established
cooperative traditions, even reclaim the idea of a Cooperative
Commonwealth. Open Cooperativism argues that it’s not enough to have a
better Uber or a more democratic AirBnB: we must tackle issues like housing
and transportation head on. The root causes of our dysfunctional,
destructive economies can’t be danced around.”

Please read and share!


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