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Hi Everyone,

                     We were in touch last year about emerging aspects of
the Commons – psychotherapeutic, subjective/pre-conceptual, spiritual.  I’m
sorry it was difficult to connect and speak about this together but there
may be a platform for that in an upcoming conference, which is a conference
that will we be running in Brisbane, Australia in September of this year:

I have proposed a working group for this conference and I was wondering if
there was a way that those of you who are interested might be a part of
this working group to create something for the conference?  The following
is what I wrote as an introduction to the working group:

*Subjective Experience in the New Economy*

*"I'm keen to work with a group of people interested in the subjective
(pre-conceptual) aspects of our experience – and the ways in which
addressing these ‘deeper’ parts of ourselves can result in positive change,
individually and collectively.  After researching the effects of
contemplative practices, such as meditation, in education, I believe
contemplative subjective consciousness is a foundational aspect of learning
and change.  However, because of the accelerating pace of life enhanced by
constant connectivity through ICT, and the resulting fragmented attention,
we are often disconnected from this grounding aspect of who we are.  Why is
this important for the New Economy?  I think deep change, a central aim of
the New Economy, can only happen if we have deep (pre-conceptual)
engagement with the fundaments of that change. *

*It appears that interest in the subjective, somatic, affective,
psychological and spiritual aspects of the New Economy is growing with the
development of projects such as the Psych-commons, and attempts to
remediate the stress that activists suffer, Arts-practice, such as Earth
Arts, Contemplative, Environmental and Slow Art, and Participatory
Spirituality.  Though it seems that an awareness of, and engagement with
reflective or contemplative subjective consciousness is not yet a
significant part of the New Economy.  I’d like to develop a working group
with others interested in these issues, to discuss how we can contribute to
the conference in September and in ongoing work with the network."*

*I hope this note finds you well and looking forward to hearing from you.*

*Kind Regards, Patricia*

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*Subject:* Re: Wikipedia for psychotherapeutic and awareness-based methods

Dear Annelies,

Thanks for presenting your ideas and plans,

I can't guarantee they will be interested, but I have copied some people
who may have an interest;  Nadia produced a huge encyclopedia of human
potential techniques some years back, Denis works around the psy-commons
and Ann around the body and the mind, while Kris Roose has long been a
integral psychologist; Patricia Morgan works around mindfullness and
learning in Sydney ; and maybe they might offer some extra perspectives;


On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 8:20 PM, Annelies De Zaeytijd <
anneliesdezaeytijd at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello Michel,

As promised, I send you an email with the idea you gave me and got stuck in
my head.

I am looking for fellows who want to co-create in existing or new
prototypes of this bigger idea or who want to support in co-creating the
bigger picture or who are already working on this bigger picture so I can
join in. (See below: how can you join us or how can we join you?)

*Who am I?*

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer in Belgium. I
work in a Center for mental health care in Belgium, subsidized by the
governement. I also have my own psychotherapeutic practice at home and
online through skype and work as a freelance mindfulness trainer and coach
for the Institute of Attention and Mindfulness.

*The bigger picture:*

The idea or dream is to develop a kind of wikipedia, containing methods
with which people can work with their own mud or cultivate their own
humanity in a positive way.

Any kind of method from psychology is included as well as awareness-based
methods like mindfulness, compassion training, ... rooted in the
contemplative traditions.

Since it would be a wikipedia kind of thing, this platform is inclusive to
all kinds of streams in psychology like also psycho-analytic as well as
cognitive sciences, you name it.

In this bigger idea we would like to create a platform where people can
find their own way (for free) and use the available methods we put online.
But they can also ask for help through online skype calls (which would then
be paying).

We would like to combine this online learning with life group processes
like holding spaces for allowing people to get together in an online group
globally, or locally in a real get-to-gether group. Or we would also like
to add tools like talkabout where people can pair up in learning buddies,
for example to do emotion focusing exercises together.

*How is this emerging future already trying to be born?*

There is a worldwide movement going on in making these methods available
online for free through apps (like insight timer), or online courses by
very well experienced teachers (like Tara Brach on Udemy) or organisations
like Shambhala (doing the online free science meditation summit). Also some
Western methods are going global with professor and therapist Mia Leijssens
MOOC from Leuven University on the Edx. 28,000 seeking people from over 150
countries have enrolled in this course!

*Prototypes of this bigger idea are emerging:*

I am now working on a prototype of this bigger idea or dream. I called my
prototype: *Hybrid* growing environments for transforming your own personal
mud into blooming lotus-flowers*

It is just in its beginning shoes. I used the Ulab (leading from the
emerging future) course as a way to launch my prototype. It is now also
published in *the presencing institute* so that people can join in my
prototype and help me develop. You need to subscribe and make an account to
follow the link: https://uschool.presencing.com/prototype/ulab-2016/

This website holds spaces for people who want to co-create or group
together in a collective intelligence to dialogue about certain topics. In
this way I have already met with Ruth a psychologist from Germany who is
also developing the same kind of prototype, focusing on positive
psychology. Her prototype is called : *Learning Network "Zufrieden Leben: *

My prototype contains the following guided exercises which I am now

- mindfulness training

- compassion training

- emotion focusing

- inner dialogue

We are still looking for ways we can put this on an online platform. One of
our ideas is through teachable or Udemy. But we are not sure yet, because
these are online courses. While we want to create a learning environment.

*We want to organize in a network of people who co-create*

We would like to expand our network and join forces with people who want to
do a similar thing.

Ruth (from Germany) and I are going to get together (online through skype
for 1,15 hour) once a month in order to talk about the evolution of our
prototypes and support each other.

Basically we are looking for ways a global online platform can be realized.

So we are looking for people:

- who can co-create with us

- who can prototype with us

- who have the knowledge or means to start an online learning environment
that can go global

- who have the intention of making methods available in a democratic way,
accessible to anyone who has acces to the internet.

- who also play with these ideas but are looking for ground (a social
field) to stand on

- who want to manage this kind of an emerging network

- who can help co-create in this bigger idea

- ...

*How can you join us or how can we join you?*

Maybe you already started an initiative I can join in?

You can send me an email.

We can meet up in a skype call to explore each others interests?

We can get together with the people who are prototyping once a month to
check in on each others progress and support each other.

We could start a bigger online network of people who want to support this
bigger idea (like hosting a HUB on a global scale in the presencing
institute, which is holding spaces for global networks).

*Questions we want to adress:*

*How can we co-create this and make it available to people*

- in a democratic way

- in a facilitating way in which people feel supported to walk their own

- both online or life in real time

- in groups or retreat situations or holidays where people can bathe in a
supportive group atmosphere in a calm and natural environment and work with
their muds, in order to let their lotus flowers (ie their humanity) bloom
and grow.

- like a web of decentralized and interconnected learning environments
where people can find their ways by themselves (like wikipedia)

*Why/how online?*

- in a way people can train, work on this in their homes or wherever they
feel safe: by providing online guided meditations (preferably for free!)
and journaling exercises as well as self-assessment tools by which they can
evaluate their own progress

- giving people acces to existing platforms, moocs, practicing communities,
like the kindness challenge, where they can co-train or find learning
buddies and inspire each other http://kindspring.

*What does hybrid* mean?*

- giving people acces to adresses of therapists who can assist or coach
them in this face to face or through skype

- Holding online spaces for the creation of supporting groups similar like
hubs, where people can practice and exchange together

- Holding online spaces for the creation of online circles where people can
do the same thing

- Holding online spaces for the creation of buddying-up online (or where
people can find other people geographically close to their own homes) where
people can find focusing partners and learn shoulder-on-shoulder

*Questions about the problems of the idea:*

- This is how I see a future possibility to emerge, but I cannot do this
alone: I am especially looking for other people who can take this idea and
do something with it on a bigger scale :-)

- We need also help from therapists who have experience with valuable
methods and they want to democratically share with more people, rather than
the rather costly one on one sessions.

- How can we put these exercises in an online environment? Like wikipedia,
this online environment must be very userfriendly for therapists (who often
suck at IT-knowledge) to put something online.

- How can we create a feedbackloop so that these methods put online can be
peer-reviewed by other therapists or experts and users in a trustworthy way.

- Some therapists think the most effective way is to work in one on one
situation with another person or therapist.

- Please feel free to help me explore this by giving suggestions

Hoping to hear from you,

Sincerely yours,


*The only reality we have, is happening here and now -this is it. If we
miss it because we are caught up in our daydreams, memories, hopes and
fears, then our whole life is lived as though we are asleep. (Jetsunma
Tenzin Palmo)*

Annelies De Zaeytijd

Mindfulnesstrainer, mindfulness coach bij Itam

Psycholoog, psychotherapeut in Centrum Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg

Privé-consults te Oordegem (Lede) of via Skype

Online coaching and psychotherapy through Skype.


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