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Good luck, Camille. I forwarded your message to SEN and the P2P Foundation.
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Subject: Looking for new projects!
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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am excited to share I’ve recently wrapped up some large projects and am
available to take on another one or two. I am looking to you, my
intelligent and talented network of professionals, to help connect me to my
next great endeavor!

If you haven't worked with me yet, my expertise is in supporting new and
ongoing environmental sustainability initiatives through behavior change
research, communications, and project management. Projects I am passionate
about include

   - Community-based Social Marketing/Human Centered Design
   - Zero Waste and sustainable materials management
   - Transparency in reporting and communications

Some successful past projects have included

   - Creating and managing a Public Works survey, as well as overseeing the
   communication outreach plan which resulted in twice the expected response
   rate and provided clear direction for new resource recovery services.
   - Conducting visual waste characterizations for over 250 commercial
   properties, identifying trends and providing recommendations instrumental
   to appropriately allocating resources targeting commercial building
   behavior change initiatives.
   - Managing the annual state lobby day for an alternative energy industry
   organization, coordinating over 30 meetings with legislators, legislative
   staff, and the organization members

I am primarily looking for projects in the SF Bay Area, but have also
worked successfully with remote and diverse teams across time zones. If you
or someone you know has a project that might be a good fit, I’m happy to
provide a free 30-minute consultation!

If you’re in the Bay Area, I would love to treat you to coffee or tea, and
if you are farther away let's connect via a phone call.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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Communications & Strategy for Environmental Sustainability
Phone: 805.235.5673
Email: camille at camilleherrera.com
Website: www.camilleherrera.com


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